BLOTTO Group Exhibition Vol.1 Perfectionism

BLOTTO Group Exhibition Vol.1 Perfectioni

Our 1st group exhibition “Perfectionism” was hold 26th November at Klorofüll Green Food Studio in Tallinn, Estonia. 


12 artists with diverse perspectives on "perfectionism" have come together to create thought-provoking artworks that delve into this complex theme by setting aside a limited time of 2 weeks for artist to face this topic. They expressed their thoughts and opinions about this in various of mediums, such as paintings, singing, performance art, installations and so on.



And In this exhibition, we collaborated with restaurant owner/chef Nevil, he "translated"  the topics in the exhibition through his dishes and selected wines.



BLOTTO aims to be 'extremely intoxicated' with their own individuality.
In this series of group exhibitions, topics are selected that hinder people from expressing their individuality and living in society, and the practice is to express themselves in response to these topics. 


We’re all different, but we often try to be “perfect” even tho there is no perfection in this world.

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