Solo Exhibition / Performance at Cabaret Volta

  On September 24th, the debut solo exhibition of the art project BLOTTO, titled "SocialGravity," was held at Cabaret Volta, an artistic venue in Tallinn, Estonia. 
The exhibition aimed to visually and auditorily express the societal gravity that we, living in society, experience, which does not exist in the natural world, through contemporary painting (TOU) and performance art (RITSU).
This exhibition showcased two conceptual artworks. The first was a 2.5-meter-long painting (TOU) inspired by cave wall paintings, which are considered humanity's earliest form of art and were created as historical records. This piece aimed to serve as an expression of the burdens of modern society, which, as an international language, has accepted experiences that of Wataru, born in Osaka, Japan, and the issue of Karoshi "overwork-related deaths".

The second artwork, RITSU, was a performance art piece that challenged the visual and auditory expression of our contemporary society's condition, where we continue to experience Social Gravity in various forms. Regardless of how we experience this gravity, the goal of this artwork was to depict a strong, "standing" state and to provide encouragement to the audience.
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